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Escape your Prison of a Job and replace it with a Full-Time Income by creating your own Social Media Marketing Company that helps Businesses. *No Previous Experience Required! Work From Home in your PJ's, at a Coffee Shop or Anywhere in the World when you Travel! 
100% Backed by a 7 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!
YES! SIGN ME UP! I want access to @LostMyDesk's MEMBERS ONLY ONLINE TRAINING COURSE! I understand I will learn how to quickly set-up my own Social Media Marketing Company that helps Businesses with their Social Media Channels, replace my full-time income and work remote! *Includes a Private Facebook Community Group for Q&A's. *No Previous Experience Required.
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Here's What You'll Get...
  • Full Access to The Lost My Desk Online Video Training Course. Includes 10 Lessons. Each lesson filled with 3-7 videos each that will walk you through a step by step... Easy to follow and implement process FOR FAST RESULTS!  ($900 Value) Total of 6 Hours of Training Videos.
  • Your Private Invite to the ExclusiveFacebook Group Community for all Lost My Desk Members where we will help one another to grow our Social Media Marketing Company through Q&A's answered by me and anyone in the Group. (Priceless) (Well over a $2,000+ Value!)
  • Download my Full Social Media Marketing Media Kit and Pricing Sheets! Plus How to Easily Create Your Own Marketing Materials for yourself. ($500 Value!)
  • Downloadable Client Contract that you can Edit and Call your own! ($350 Value!) 
  • Downloadable Credit Authorization Form that you can Edit and call your own! ($250 Value!)
  • How to create your Company and set up your Virtual Terminal. Plus, how to Invoice Clients and Send Receipts, EASILY! ($500 Value!)
  • Most Importantly How to Get Clients to Hire YOU and How to Find them! The Course will Walk you through all the Major Pain Points that Small to Medium Sized Business Face and How YOU can solve their problems for them! ($2,500 Value!)
Why It Makes Sense..
  • No More Micro Management.  No one likes to be Micro-Managed. Being told what to do, how to do it, show up at specific times is so robotic and YOU'RE NOT A ROBOT.  Say Bye Bye to your Boss and step into your new Role! 
  • Never Feel Unappreciated Again Your Clients will be so happy that you're helping them to Grow their Business that they will invite you to their Events, Anniversary's & Parties! You'll Feel Like Part of the Team and You'll be helping them to Build their Dreams of being a Success Business Owner just like you!
  • Never Set an Alarm Clock Again! You'll Notice a Life Change, you'll spring out of bed with excitement to play and work on YOUR COMPANY, YOUR DREAMS, YOUR FUTURE. 
  • Never Get Fired or Laid Off Ever Again! You can take on new clients anytime you want to! Work as little as you want or as much as you want. You're in Full Control.
  • VACATION ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Never ask permission ever again! Want the day off today? Tomorrow? Gotta go do an errand? No Problem! Set up your Social Posts in advance and sleep in or go do your errands. Take your day's off and Vacation as long as you want to!
  • Freedom. You'll Have More Free Time to do More of What You Love to do! 
  • Earn 5 to 6 Figures Per Year doing this! You'll generate Re-curring Income every Month like Clock Work that you can rely on. Want to make more? Just sign another Client on board. 
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